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Hyderabad | The tallest building in South Asia is 236 meters high in Kokapet

We are thrilled to announce that our project(SAS CROWN) has been published in Namsthey telangana one of the leading newspapers in India, as the tallest Building in South India. This is a remarkable achievement for us, and we are proud to have our project featured in this esteemed publication. Click Here

South India’s largest multi-storied building is under construction in the IT corridor of Hyderabad. This 58-storied 236 meter high skyscraper named ‘SAS Crown’ is being constructed in Kokapet. The construction of 24 floors (about 100 high) has already been completed in this building, which is located next to Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road. It is reported that the remaining 136 meters will be completed in another year. In the IT corridor where there are already dozens of huge multi-storied buildings, after ‘Saas Crown’, buildings with 57, 56, 52 and 50 floors are under construction.

So far, 157 huge multi-storied buildings have been approved for construction in Greater Hyderabad. Some of these buildings, ranging from 21 to 58 floors, are under construction, while others have already been completed. These include commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

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