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Hyderabad |Skyscrapers in Kokapet

We are thrilled to announce that our project(SAS CROWN) has been published in Andhra Jyothi Click Here, one of the leading newspapers in India, as the tallest skyscraper in South India. This is a remarkable achievement for us, and we are proud to have our project featured in this esteemed publication.

The largest multi-storied buildings in South India are being constructed in Hyderabad. So far the tallest building in Hyderabad has 49 floors, while Bangalore has a 50-floor building. HMDA has already given permission for a 57-storey building in Kokapet. Its works have also started. In the same way, another company has also come forward to construct a building with 56 floors. As there were no restrictions on the height of the buildings in Kokapet area, the permissions from HMDA came in a flash. Apart from that, multi-storied buildings are coming up in Nanakranguda, Puppalaguda, Khajaguda, Narsingi, Nalagandla, Kollur and financial districts. Work on a 57-storey residential project has already started in Kokapet with an area of ​​4.5 acres. Five towers are coming up there. The project has been designed to have 250 plots in 57 floors. A company called SAS has taken up this project under the name of Crown. This company has already undertaken a huge commercial project in Nanakranguda and the work has reached the final stage. The construction work of this 57-storey project is likely to be completed by the first quarter of 2025. The same company has taken steps to construct two towers of more than 50 floors in Puppalguda under the name of Diamond Towers. A project called The Treelight is being undertaken in an area of ​​4.23 acres in the Goldenmile layout designed by HMDA in Kokapet itself. In this project, while one tower is coming with 56 floors, another tower with 49 floors and another tower with 46 floors in the same complex. Work has already started. Another company has come forward to undertake the project with 55 floors in HMDA layout in Kokapet.

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