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SAS Infra feels proud to present you its new initiative, a state of art IT Park. Situated at Nanakramguda-Khajaguda junction having a lake view
along Outer Ring Road which is part of Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor.

We believe that any business should strive for the betterment of society and all the stakeholders of the business. For this, we have decided
to make our IT Park a Green building. Green buildings are designed to make the best use of natural resources.

This concept is still at the infancy stage in India. This helps our IT Park in increasing water efficiency, energy efficiency,
improve indoor environment-friendly at the same time. Rainwater harvesting, terrace gardening, solar panels for capturing solar energy,
employing energy efficient bulbs and daylight controllers which enables lights only when natural lighting
is insufficient are few of the green methods employed by us.

A Government land and lake beside IT Park has been taken under our control to develop it as a beautiful park
which increases the natural beauty of the area and provides a good recreational place.

We have also collaborated with Rabtherm Energy Systems, developed in Switzerland and used in India for the first time by us (we have patents for the same).

Employing Rabtherm’s Technology extracts heat from wastewater and increasing temperature levels by use of heat pumps for heating,
drying, hot water and water processing.

Additionally, with the respective design of heat pump, the energy can be transferred in the opposite direction, using wastewater as a heat
sink for cooling water and air conditioning. Many of the German states are currently employing the same.

It also provides further benefits such as independence from fossil fuels, 20-30% reduction in primary cost and CO2 reduction by 30-85%.

Apart from this, we have also decided to use a passive cooling system. Passive cooling is a building design approach that focuses on
heat gain control and heat dissipation in building in order to improve indoor thermal comfort with low or no energy
consumption resulting in heavy energy conservation.